Angel Pie are SEO Experts based in Harrogate, with a passion for driving online results and performance.

Welcome to Angel Pie, where we are passionate about bringing websites to life with SEO and helping clients build a solid digital footprint for their brand. Whether you’re a start up, or a long standing business with the need to change direction we’re here to help.

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Is your website gathering dust instead of clicks? Think about all the lost revenue and untapped market share that you could be making use of through your brand’s website. Angel Pie are here to help. With a wealth of SEO experience across a whole range of businesses from the small to the multinational, we can help you be found online and meet user intent.

Is Poor SEO Keeping You Invisible? Angel Pie Can Make You Stand Out!

With a decade of experience in SEO from big agencies and multinational clients, to smaller more personable agencies Angel Pie have learned from this and decided that the simple straightforward approach is best for clients and for their success. We’re approachable, accessible and tuned into what works in terms of SEO for your business. Everything starts with an SEO Audit and we build a strategy for your business from that. We offer white label SEO too, and enjoy working with other agencies on projects.

Get Measurable SEO Results With Our Data-Driven Approach

When it comes to SEO, there’s no point in doing anything without data. Data for keywords, data for the users you’re getting, and how they convert on your website. All of this helps identify where we can improve performance and shape the strategy that suits your needs as a business and meets the search intent of your users.

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SEO Tailored for Local Businesses in Harrogate and Beyond

As a Harrogate based business, we see the importance of helping businesses in the community to grow and shine online. Conquering the search results in the local area helps to begin establishing an online footprint, which can be grown and expanded on over time. However with a wealth of experience with multinationals Angel Pie are not limited to focusing on SEO for local business or local campaigns, if the opportunity is there we will help you achieve what you want.

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Location isn’t key to using Angel Pie’s services however some of the local areas across North Yorkshire and beyond we know well include: